SAR Superweb Circular Slings 120mm - 480mm

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The 25mm Polyester Superweb sling is the ideal sling for any rigger and rope access technician. Its many uses include creating anchor points, lifting and lowering, assisting in rescue and more. The break strength as a round sling is 35kN when new and the test strength for EN354 which is the most arduous of the three standards they conform to is 22kN. The slings made from this material come as standard round slings and are usually sized by their circumference, i.e. 240cm circ. 120cm long. The standard colours are Orange and Black.

120cm x 25mm
This is not the most commonly used sling but is used by some rescuers for their personal use.

240cm x 25mm
This size is possibly the most used sling around the world.It has many uses for the experienced rope technician such as, anchors/belays, self equalizing belay, foot loops for traversing, high steppers in aid climbing, chest harness, in an emergency two can make a sit harness or a rescue loop with leg loops and three can make a full body harness. They can be used as stretcher lifting sling for helicopter winching, casualty securing straps, stretcher carrying or sledging straps and many other uses.Their break strength is 35kN far above the required

EN795-B, EN566, EN354

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